Sunshine Coast

Stephen Bassett
Wed 16 Jan 2013 07:13
It was lovely to be in a safe harbour with no worries of weather changes, anchors dragging or any of the other usual concerns that go with sailing. Mooloolaba is on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and is a busy holiday area. There is a beautiful sandy beach just over the spit from our marina with the all-Australian surf club controlling and patrolling the use of the beach so everyone is safe.
Across the pontoon from us there was a Dinner Cruise boat berthed. We wondered if it was doing anything as there was very little activity when we arrived first. Then one Sunday afternoon, it filled up and a new skipper got on board and made ready to depart with the guests. But as he left his berth he seemed to want to try ours – but we were safely tied up in it at the time, weren’t we?
Poor Karacool – she was holed above and below the waterline, on the starboard transom. And the skipper said when he returned that ‘ he thought he had hit the bollards.
This coast is not so sunny now!