Stephen Bassett
Tue 2 Jul 2013 23:27
Having left our last anchorage on Saturday morning, we did an overnight through the channel to Darwin. Early on we were getting a good speed with a kind combination of wind and current. Then later it slowed down to about 2 knots. Even later, everything speeded up again and Stephen was doing wheelies (metaphorically) to kill time as it is not funny to approach a new anchorage in the dark. By the time daylight was enough to see, the wind was on the nose at 35-40 knots. It took ages to get anywhere close to the anchorage but we are safely hooked up albeit about 1mile out of the beach in Fannie Bay, near the Darwin Sailing Club.
The sunsets are fantastic and on Monday, we were treated to a fireworks display which was spectacular. Darwin and the Northern Territories were celebrating 25 years of self rule. The government had a BIG display and everybody else had loads of little display all around the beaches. These displays went on all evening. Some had started before dark!!
We will be here for the next 4 weeks as we are joining the Indonesian Rally which departs from Darwin on 27th July at 11am. There are various administrative things to do – visas, fuel, boat checks, provisioning, currency so will be busy. We also want to visit the area so have to plan our time and have fun. And of course I have to get a new camera!