Rio Chagres

Stephen Bassett
Wed 22 Feb 2012 23:08
The transit date for the canal has been 'provisionally' set at 25th Feb now, and not yesterday as expected. But things do not go as expected in this part of the world. And when you see some of the floating Leviathans you can understand why. That plus the desire for each part of the organise to confuse the little man then we have to wait. Or not in our case!!
As we had a few days spare we decided to do some local exploring in the meantime and have ended up in the Rio Chagres. This is a river anchorage in the middle of a piece of jungle. The walls of green looked impenetrable and dense. But we sailed up to the dam on a feeder lake for the Panama Canal, and then dropped the hook. The river used to be the main route into Panama before the canal was opened. As the internet connection is weak I will post photos later when back in the marina.
The weather here is averaging about 30 C most days but if you are in the open then the wind helps cool you down. We get quite grumpy if we dont manage a siesta in the afternoon. Rising time is early, about 6.30am as it is the coolest part of the day. And 6pm is rum and coke time where we contemplate the important decisions of the day. For example, what to have for dinner, who will cook it, and will we get through the canal tomorrow?
As Patrick keeps saying, 'It is a hard life!!'  (Say it in a french accent to get the full effect Stephen and I just grin.
That's all for now, Be good until the next post.