Stephen Bassett
Fri 20 Jan 2012 16:37
Bequia (pronounced Bekway) is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines. The place names make you expect old style pirates including Johnny Depp around every headland!! Other names hint at the days of Empire be it French or British.
Try Port Elizabeth, Admiralty Bay, Horseshoe Reef, End of the World Reef, Petit Tabac. There are hints of all cultures in these islands and the people are proud of all the aspects of their heritage as well as very independant now.
Just left Bequia, after an interesting night! Another yacht slipped their anchor and ended up alongside us with a bump about 2am!! They managed to sort themselves out but only after several fraught minutes as Stephen and I ran about the deck in our sleepwear i.e. nothing. The skipper swam over this morning to see if any damage and to apologise. He was upset and it was good of him to come and see if we were alright. Karacool has a few scratches but no real damage that we can see.
Will try one photo as internet is restricted at the moment. This is Bequia's east coat (Windward side) looking at the Atlantic. It is lush, hot and windy here.
Ciao for now, A n S