On passage

Stephen Bassett
Mon 9 Apr 2012 18:44
Day 23 and only two more days until landfall. That's assuming the weather maintains the current conditions. We have 10 knots of wind from the East, and are travelling at 4.5 knots with 180 miles to go. The systems on the boat seem to be creaking and failing intermittantly, as we are! We are tired, understandably, and things look different or do not seem to operate the way you are expecting.
Still it is great to talk to Rhu and Paul on Oyster Moon each day and exchange views and tips about our floating life. For example, how to make bread (good for the soul as well as the tummy), engineering tips, radio hints and so on. The other two boats, Marita 3 and Camelot are not able to hear us so they chat to each other independently.
Looking forward to hearing world news - or are we? I suspect it will be 'same-old' problems.
Best wishes until tomorrow.