Stephen Bassett
Mon 7 May 2012 20:03
This is the biggest atoll in the Tuamotos. And it is a huge Post card, it really is!! Entry was a bit dodgy, as we had to enter the pass at slack water. But after much consideration, discussion and head scratching the correct time was calculated. And we are safely in.
We have spent several days here, firstly doing usual jobs - tidy boat, get provisions, find way around, have lunch ashore. And waiting for Keith - his never-ending itinerary has ended here albeit anoe day later than expected! It is a funny saga, as Keith was taking a few spares out, and had a stop-over in Auckland, New Zealand. With a one-way ticket, odd looking packages( alternator, remote for something else, special washing powder for me, and so one) the NZ thought he had the components for making a bombb!!! He didnt but they interrogated him for at least two hours. After that, we advised hime where to fly to from Tahiti, but the ticket was booked for Sat!! But he had to travel over the International date line - so, had another 24 hours to hang about, oh boy. But he is here after travelling for 5 days from UK.
Had a great day out yesterday as we hired a small fast boat and filled it with the contents of five boats, and set off to the Blue Lagoon. Amazing place. More in the next post.