Panama Canal Pics

Stephen Bassett
Mon 27 Feb 2012 16:33
Here are some more pictures of Panama Canal.
You can see the line (120 ft long) going to the line-handler on top of the lock wall. The boats on the outside of the raft then have to control the lines as the water level rises. And to attach the lines, the line-handlers throw a light string line down to the boat and we have to
a. catch it,
b. attach it to the heavy lines with a good knot,
c. get the heavy line back up to the top of the lock where it is looped over a bollard.
And all this in 1 or 2 minutes.
The thick rope is over the bollard and the line handler has his thin line with a Monkey fist attached. He will walk with the line as the raft of boats move through into the next lock chamber under their own stem. The the lines are re-attached as the water level changes again.
Here is Vibeke on Camelot taking lots and lots of pictures. And Oscar, her son is keeping an eye on all the action.