Flying adventures

Stephen Bassett
Tue 12 Feb 2013 08:47
Went on a FANTASTIC trip today. Left the boat early, at 6am and were picked up by a driver who took us to the airport.
Then we boarded a special flight – there were 4 passengers and a lovely Kiwi lady pilot –  and headed off before the sun was up to see some of the wet lands.
Here are some photos.
mini-DSCN0225 Leaving
mini-DSCN0238 Arriving
mini-DSCN0242 Our next mode of transport.
mini-DSCN0276 And then we went in this helicopter.
mini-DSCN0248 All so exciting, and fast.
mini-DSCN0270 WE got so very close to this Magnetic termite mound.
mini-DSCN0277 Then back to the start in this Cessna 206. An amazing day.