Chicken Soup

Stephen Bassett
Mon 24 Mar 2014 21:19
Mon 24th March.
It is an easy menu on Karacool at the moment. And now my sister is offering to make us when we get back!
We have had another restful day and Stephen’s pain levels are reducing. He still needs to rest and be careful but a much better situation to how he felt on our arrival here two days ago.
The river is quiet with a little activity to keep our interest. Plus of course the effects of the river flow and the opposing tide effects. Karacool is constantly twiddling around her anchor. We have 50 metres of chain out in 5 metres of water! Normally the ratio of water depth to chain is 5 times – we have ten times! No rain today and managed to get some washing done and dried. Simple pleasures. Another one is watching the Condors riding the thermals – they are so graceful.
Here’s hoping for another peaceful day tomorrow.