First Atoll

Stephen Bassett
Fri 4 May 2012 01:54
Ahe was our first atoll. And it was lovely to be in calm still water once we had negotiated the pass and anchored. At the same time you could still see the waves crashing outside the reef. We stayed two days and wandered around the village and got some pearls too. Did some bartering for them.
And now from a small and quiet atoll, we are heading towards Rangiroa which  is the largest atoll in the Tuamotos. It is the largest in terms of population, activities and size. And Keith, Stephen's old school pal is joining us there after a tortuous set of flights from Heathrow. AS he left he said that it is a 'little unsetlling to not know exactly where you are going. We did not tell him of the final bit of the puzzle until today - cos we did not know exactly. Such is the way in sailing. Anyway it will be good to see him tomorrow.
BWs all around - Karacool out.