Atuona, Hiva Oa pictures

Stephen Bassett
Mon 16 Apr 2012 02:21
Some more images for you.
These buses are called Le Truc!! They are normally used for school runs and also for passengers when there is a ship in port.
Oops we are sideways - Annie & Rhu just wondering when the rain was going to start. Check out the cloud colour!! Five minutes later we saw our first DELUGE and had to shelter well away from the pavement. The rain was solid stairrods!!
The grave of Paul Gaugin. The visitor centre for P. Gaugin is full of reproductions of his work. He was prolific in the amount of art pieces he completed, if the number shown in the visitor centre is anything to go by!!
Another grave - this time it is Jacques Brel. The cemetary is extensive and goes back up the hill, getting higher and higher. And the view is fantastic.