Bundaberg, Australia

Stephen Bassett
Wed 16 Jan 2013 06:52
Welcome back to our blog. It has been a few weeks since any entries – well, actually a lot and now we are in 2013 and so here is a summary of what we have been doing.
Mid October 2012 - We arrived in Bundaberg during October after a crossing from New Caledonia, arriving about 4pm as one of the first few on the Port2Port Rally. The days were spent checking-in which seemed onerous to say the least and establishing communications with another sim card for the cheap mobile we bought in Fiji. Everything was much cheaper in Fiji. Everything is not cheap in Australia as we are to find out.
Bundaberg is home to the Bundaberg Rum distillery. We have checked out the rum extensively but still prefer Mountgay rum – sorry Bundaberg.
Another favourite made here is Bundaberg Ginger beer – now that is excellent!