Gran Canaria

Stephen Bassett
Tue 18 Oct 2011 07:34
28:07.899N 015:25.475W
We are at anchor in Gran Canaria. We had hoped to get the water maker repaired here but the parts will not arrive until next month. That means that we cannot leave for Cape Verde and the Atlantic crossing until then. It is a real disappointment but it means that we have the chance to have a really good look at these lovely Islands. This pic is me in Spain so hoping we will find a few nice places like this to visit today.
m_portimao gib nerja madeira 037
Stephen and Keith fiddling with the dinghy. (“ It’s ok now, Keith, you don’t have to swim ashore!)
Las Palmas is the main city and port for all the Islands in the group and boy is it busy with the biggest cruise ship I have ever imagined, container ships and big ferries that make Macbraynes look like a sunday afternoon out! And they are loading all the time – day or night. The Marina is also busy with ARC (Rally) boats and the marina are not taking any bookings for the next 4 weeks!! (The picture is an example as I took it earlier this year!)
We are hiring a car today and will tour the island and then re-provision tomorrow, with gas and fresh produce. Then we will head back to Tenerife so that Keith can fly home to Birmingham. There after our plans are fluid. So will be in touch.

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