Hole in the Wall

Stephen Bassett
Wed 26 Jun 2013 00:39
The Gugari Rip, commonly known as the Hole in the Wall, is about 100 metres wide. The time of the tides dictates the best time to pass through it. Stephen had calculated the the best time was 11am at High tide, and up to an hour either side. Our adventure with Crocodile rocks earlier meant that we had left the anchorage later than planned but we were still inside the ideal window. The geology was stunning and the land was stark, bleak but also had a curious beauty. The current was 5 knots in our favour so we steamed through the mile long pass very comfortably. It was a delight after our earlier adventure with the anchors and rocks.
After the hole in the wall, we headed straight for the closest anchorage, five miles away in Guruliya Bay.
There was a lot of sleeping through the afternoon, by us all.
Pictures will follow soon when there is decent internet access.