Sunday passage report

Stephen Bassett
Sun 2 Feb 2014 10:34
Pos’n at 10.00 Z/ATC today. Distance travelled 336Nms from St Helena, with 374Nms to go. So we are nearly halfway!
Wind 10-12 kts E/ESE,  Speed @ 5.5-6kts, sailing this am.
Cloud cover 75%, Air temp 28.5C, Sea temp 26.6C, Sea still Choppy!
When getting frustrated on board with light winds or anything, get tough and bake some bread! Bought some bread in St Helena which was average so decided to bash some dough and yeast and hey presto – two lovely loaves of Pot bread. That will keep us going to Ascension. It may be messy (at least when I do it) but the end result is worth it.
And today is “get –out nasty creepy-crawlies” day as have been seeing a few wandering around at night. So clear out cupboards and exterminate... I think my aggressive side is coming out!
I hear weather in UK is still bad with another storm on the way if not already there. Check your roof tiles and stay inside.
All the best from all on Karacool.