Stephen Bassett
Wed 2 May 2012 02:35
WE have arrived at the Tuamotos, on Ahe atoll. It was a tedious night with dodgy weather and we had to hang around waiting near the entrance to the pass. So at 6.30am we followed Oyster Moon (thanks, guys for leading the way) into the pass and then across the lagoon to the village of Tenukupara. It was a tense time as we could not see into the clear water to check for coral outcrops (bombers) as the sky was very overcast. Normally  with the sun shining, all the hazards can be seen easily. But today it was like looking at solid slate.
We are now anchored close to the village in 15 metres of water. After a couple of hours rest, we all went ashore to wander around the village. There are impressive banks of solar panels everywhere, and all buildings have huge water collecting tanks fed from outsize guttering on every available roof. Most buildings are on stilts but with a minor tidal wave the whole place would disappear. There was a snack bar and we feasted on - cheeseburger and chips, and a cola!
again everyone speaks french, and as it is Labour Day, the shop and post office were shut.
Tomorrow will be clean up day and then go ashore to check out the supplies in the shop. We don't need much except for bread. But it is always good to see the shop and chat to the locals. Also hope we will see Camelot and Marita 3 as they are due into Ahe soon.
Now the pearl hunt begins... till tomorrow.