Fraser Island Lunch

Stephen Bassett
Wed 16 Jan 2013 06:55
After a week in Bundaberg we headed off to Mooloolaba. We left earlier than originally planned as the weather conditions were changing, and decided to go between Fraser Island (officially the biggest sand dune in the world) and the mainland, via the Great Sandy Straits. The plan was to anchor overnight in the Straits and then carry on in the morning to Mooloolaba.
Fraser Island decided that we were not going to do this! Instead we were treated to a Fraser Island lunch – on a Sand Bar, for 6 hours. This is known locally as having a ‘Fraser Island lunch’!!  The sand bars are known for moving and this one caught us completely unawares and we were stuck. At one point both the keels of the cat were completely out of the water. It is a very silly feeling being stuck on a sand bar – especially one that shouldn’t be there, at least according to the charts.  So we had an extended stay and by the time the tide returned to help float us off, it seemed silly to try and anchor in the dark so with the aid of the many beacons we kept sailing (well, motoring) through the straits and out over the bar at the bottom of Fraser Island.
Then as we were approaching our destination, we ran out of fuel in one engine. Just as well we have two! So first stop was the Fuel quay which was located in a rather tight spot. And with only one engine, it was difficult to manoeuvre but our brilliant shipper, Stephen managed it. What that man can do with engines is legendary – or so he tells me.
It was with a huge sigh of relief that we then made it to our safe berth in Mooloolaba Marina – Hello Australia.