Red Island

Stephen Bassett
Sat 15 Jun 2013 08:08
We are around the TOP of Australia!! Went from Escape River this morning (Sat 15th June) through Albany Passage and onto Red Island. We are happily skimming the sandy bottom here along with a few other yachts.
Yesterday, one of the yachts we happen to be travelling along side hit a rock where there should not have been one in the Escape River. So look out all you who follow after us if you plan to go into the same anchorage.
Mark this lat and long on your chart and steer to the South of it but keep the black buoys on the port in mind at the same time.
The Coordinates are 10 degrees 57.6 mins South, 142 degrees 42.2 mins East. The Pearl Farmer who lives there was great and called most of the boats up to guide us to the best anchorage. He is NOT allowed to put a buoy on the hazard but if we all complain to Marine Safety Queensland they may change their minds. Also if you have Alan Lucas’s guide then there is a rock shown but in the wrong place.  Keep safe.
Here are some pics of Albany passage.
mini-IMG_5766 Stephen and Patrick catching dinner. The tail had already been eaten by something bigger so they had to be quick!!
mini-IMG_5777 It is lovely. This is a view from south.
mini-IMG_5788 A community on the edge of the pass. Looks like they are taking photos of us!!