Position report

Stephen Bassett
Fri 30 Mar 2012 15:30
We have had a busy night. The wind has gone from nothing in front of us to 20 knots behind us for a spell yesterday evening. Then at later about 9pm it started to drop and was very erratic. But since then we have been getting much better speed.
Then at about 1am a Tuna Fishing boat leered at us and we had to scoot out of the way to avoid their nets. They are big big vessels and think they rule the sea. For days we see nothing and then this blaze of lights appear.
The only casualty of all this wind is a rectangular yellow plastic crate which was not tied down on the deck. It is now floating and adding to the pile of plastic littering our oceans. That was not meant to happen as we are very careful about plastic rubbish. But what can you do.
We are halfway at last - yippee. Time for the radio net and we will hear how everyone else is getting on.
Till tomorrow.