On passage

Stephen Bassett
Mon 5 Mar 2012 01:33
I am on the first watch tonight from 8pm to Midnight, and I am looking at the screen which is titled the Pacific Ocean!!
It is amazing that we are here. At the moment however our prohress has been slow - it has been windless all day and HOT so hot. We are using the engines which is annoying but cannot be helped.
We have seen two giant turtles, some large playful dolphins and pelikans. The pelikans are getting less as we head away from the coast. Have tried to identify one or two others but so far without success.
The rest of the group are ahead of us except for Camelot who is close behind us. It was difficult to hear the radio net tonight but next landfall is Galapagos and we are all gtting excited about that.
More tomorrow, All the best.