Passage Report

Stephen Bassett
Thu 20 Jun 2013 04:06
A skipper’s work is never done!! After four loads of laundry at the campsite, Stephen had the urge to get cleaning on board. Bad enough that there was no drier at the camp and it was raining all day with Karacool now now a chinese laundry, there was also a mad brushing going on!. Luckily the floor area is small so this madness did not last long.
XX   Pic will have to wait – too big for Satellite link!!
The two bags on the floor behind Stephen contain wet laundry too.
Now we are half way across the Gulf of Carpentaria en-route to Gove in the Northern Territory. Should arrive there tomorrow about lunchtime. Have caught several fish, Spanish Mackerel, but only managed to land one. This was dinner last night and it was lovely with very white flesh. I thought it would be dark as it is an oily fish, isn’t it? Any way there is more in the freezer so will look forward to having it again.
All well on board.