On passage

Stephen Bassett
Wed 4 Apr 2012 01:58
Another day closer. and what a 24 hours! We have had rain storms and wind from all directions as well as the sight of a fishing boat on the horizon last night when Stephen was on watch.  The tanks are full (Overfull) of rain water and now the sun is shining. The Parasailor is up and we are heading toewards a sunset at 6 knots.
We have spent the day repairing the mainsail! With all the wind fluctuations, up to 30 degrees at a time, one of the seams in the mainsail has come apart. We used the sewing awl (Speedy Stitcher) which has its own bobbin, and we are making a good repair. We had to balance on the saloon roof either side of the sail so that the stitches could be done in situ. Luckily the weather was kind and the sea gentle.
We will finish it tomorrow, and get back to serious sailing. We have 847 miles to go and looking forward to seeing the Marquseas.
Hope all well with everyone.