Day Five

Stephen Bassett
Mon 30 Apr 2012 21:21
We are making slooow progress today. After a beautiful dawn, the clouds gathered and rain has fallen. The wind - oh the wind - is on the nose (south west) and at 12 knots it feels as though we are trying to go uphill. The weather file has failed to predict this, yet again!! There are 62 miles to go.
We are hanging onto the hope that we make the early morning window of about 7am to enter the pass into Ahe atoll tomorrow morning. By the way, the Tuamotos and Tahiti are 10 hours behind UTC which is a half-hour more than the Marquesas. That means 11 hours behind the UK.
But now some sad news. The picture below is of the dawn this morning and it is a tribute to our friend, Jane Mure who unexpectedly died yesterday. It is hard to receive such news when you are stuck at sea. Stephen has talked to Ian, Jane's husband on the satellite phone. We send him our sympathies and good wishes.
God Bless you, Jane.