San Blas

Stephen Bassett
Sun 12 Feb 2012 23:01
Karacool is safe in a very peaceful anchorage called Hollandes Cays. We arrived here today after spending two nights by Isla Tigra, another of the San Blas islands. The Indians call their land Kuna Yala. And want a dollar if you take their picture.
They are ruled by a trio of island chiefs, who sit in hammocks at the congreso which is held several times a week. We were helped by the son, Dimitrio, of one of the island chiefs. He arranged dinner, twice, and then took us on a tour to their burial ground. They also lay their dead in the hammocks until burial is arranged.
As soon as we landed we were asked for 10 dollars per person for the right to visit the island. Each island does this so it could get expensive.
I have returned to hot and humid weather. It is a shock after a few days at 0 degrees in the UK!! I really enjoyed my trip home but am glad to be back in yachtland.
Stephen is looking well. And it is explained by the lovely meals that our guest, Patrick Robichon is preparing!! Tonight we have lobster again. He keeps saying "It is a hard life"!
Here is a picture of a Kuna Indian house with their Molas for sale. Molas are works of art and the women wear them every day. I have bought one but can't see myself in the full dress!!