Stephen Bassett
Thu 18 Oct 2012 01:40
Some blog entries we could not send from New Caledonia – sorry they are late.
Some more touring, we anchored at Ilot Signal (Signal Island) overnight. The island gets its name from the chimney-like structure on the south-west of the island. This structure was used as the leading mark for ships entering the Dumbea Pass into the New Caledonia lagoon. The island is now a nature reserve and there are day trips from Noumea and mooring buoys. Ourselves and Oyster Moon were the only yachts taking advantage of the moorings overnight.
Although it is a nature reserve, there are picnic tables and bbq areas around the island. So, we decided to make use of this facility and had a sundowner bbq starting at 4pm. The sun goes down about 5.30pm and by 6.30pm it is dark. We started early after a walk around the island – 45 minutes tops. There is a lot of birdlife here as well as sealife. Also a slate lime kiln.
We saw the following birds – Ospreys, Australian seagulls, ground birds (partridge type), moorhens, herons, finches and waders. In the sea we saw a turtle, some small sharks, lots of little fish. Trees & plants - Miniature poinsettas, coffee plants, mangroves, in a dry forest more typical of an inland setting.
Annie and Stephen out rambling and collecting flotsam. Don’t think it will fit on Karacool!
The osprey watching the nest.