South of Galapagos

Stephen Bassett
Mon 19 Mar 2012 14:24
We left Puerto Ayora, Galapagos just 24 hours ago. There is virtually no wind and the sea looks like velvet glass!! Karacool is ambling along with the sails up to catch what little breeze there is and the motor is on. We are travelling at 4.5 kts which is good. Guess this is what is meant by the Doldrums.
As we went past the island of Floreana, we saw leaping Manta Rays, sea turtles, Boobies, and sea-lions. And this morning at sunrise I could see a japanese fishing vessel with it's small flotilla strung out behind doing the hard work catching tuna.
The radio net is on at 10am and so we will catch up with Oyster Moon who left before us yesterday. The other two boats are still in Puerto Ayora and will join in after they leave for French Polynesia.
There are plenty jobs to keep us busy, as well as have a snooze during the day to compensate for the night watches. We are trying 5 hour watches this time, so 9pm to 2am, then 2am to 7am. Dawn is early so it is nice to be on the second watch. We switch each day so we are not always doing the same one.
That's all for now. Till tomorrow...