Big Fish day

Stephen Bassett
Wed 29 Aug 2012 10:51
Well – what an exciting day we have had. We raised the anchor from Malekula Island at 8 am and headed to Espirito Santo, or Santo as it is called locally, just about 30 miles north. AS usual, the fishing rod was put out. Nothing happened so Stephen decided to put a different lure on the rod. But still did not really expect anything to happen. We were sailing along in a lovely breeze as we approached Santo and were getting ready to stow the sails when – the rod sang. Patrick grabbed it before whatever was on the other end got away. Great we have caught a fish. And boy, what a fish. Look at the photos for the details; and guess what we had for dinner.
Patrick got into position, Stephen slowed Karacool down and we waited.
OMG, it’s a Wahoo. And they are big fish.
That is 12 Kilos of Wahoo hanging there. It is a shame that there are not chest freezers on yachts. But we managed to get all the fish into the freezer. Anyone for wahoo.
We are now anchored in Luganville Bay having had a busy day.
So, night night everyone from Karacool.