Porvenir, San Blas

Stephen Bassett
Wed 15 Feb 2012 14:47
We had a fleeting visit to Porvenir, the main administrative centre for San Blas. All boats are required to check in and out here, as well as receive a cruising permit which allows you up to 30 days to sail through these islands. It also means that we are officially in Panama. I would have flown here but they are rebuilding the runway ...
There is one restaurant on the island and some Cabanas (Cabins) that can be rented. All is so peaceful here. Except for the hopeful trade in Molas which happens on all the islands. It is the constant hope of each Kuna lady that you choose her work. It is a shame that they do not run a cooperative so that they all share. Lets hope in the meantime that plenty boats come and buy on all the islands.
When we were checking out, Stephen explained that I had flown into Playon chico, Sapibenega. There was a very surprised, amazed look on the officials face, almost as though you would not catch him doing that!!!
So we were checked in and then out and carried on our way towards Green Turtle Bay for an overnight anchorage. Farewell San Blas - ithas been a pleasure.
Watch out for low lying islands and reefs. This was a trip to visit a Kuna burial ground.