Leaving Port Douglas

Stephen Bassett
Mon 3 Jun 2013 04:39
It is time to move on. We have enjoyed our stay in Port Douglas and have managed to re-stock the larder at Coles Supermarket. Belinda Cooper came to visit and stayed on board. It was great to meet her again and then in the morning we hijacked her and her car so that we could transport the many shopping bags from the supermarket to the marina. There is only so much you can get in a mini cooper with union jack wing mirrors. But we walked.
Also managed some maintenance jobs as demonstrated by Stephen in the bosun’s chair. The track for the mainsail had to be cleaned and the only way to do it is elbow grease and a good head for heights. The mast is 21 metres above the water. He is glad to have finished that job.
The mouth of the river at Port Douglas as we left this morning.
The wind is not very strong today and we decided before lunch that as progress was slow that we will stop at Hope Island tonight and not try to make it all the way to Cooktown after all. We will anchor there tonight and then head to Cooktown tomorrow. Lunch, by the way, was Sardines! Patrick had the fishing line in the water but as no result by lunchtime, we had to open a tin!! It was very good.
All well on board.