Sat 1st Feb

Stephen Bassett
Sat 1 Feb 2014 10:42
Pos’n at 10.00 Z/ATC today. Distance travelled 207 Nms!! Steering  NE 310 Degrees. Distance to go – 500 miles.
Wind 10-12 kts ESE/SE, Speed @ 6.1Kts motor-sailing this am but mostly sailing.
Cloud cover 25%, sunny, Air temp 28.5C, Sea temp 25.8C, Sea Choppy.
This is a frustrating sail from St Helena to Ascension. The wind drops for hours then gradually climbs up to about 12 knots. As you can see from our stats we are not covering the distance quickly! I have been hearing the Parasailor mentioned- again. I don’t think I will get away with wishing it stays in its bag this time! Watch this space. Otherwise all well on board.
A and S on Karacool.