Oyster Island

Stephen Bassett
Sat 1 Sep 2012 23:43
After leaving Luganville, the main town in Espirito Santo behind, we sailed past Millionaire Dollar Point to Oyster Island. While both Luganville and Millionaire Dollar Point are notable, Oyster Island is simply delightful as well as being a safe anchorage. We have been here for three days so far and are in no hurry to move on – just yet. And we have visited some incredible places. Today we were planning a visit to the Millenium Cave. This is an all day outing involving an off-road vehicle, trekking through the jungle with guides, investigating a gorge and a 50 metre high cave, then swimming or floating back to the village for a well deserved lunch. But the weather decided to be tropically wet and the trip was cancelled!! The cave trek is called Millennium as that is when it was discovered by the local village – in 2000.
So, yesterday we went to visit a BLUE HOLE. This is a natural phenomena occurring in only a few places in the world – Vanuatu being one of them. A Blue Hole is a deep spring fed pool which is an intense blue in colour. The reason for the colour is a mystery to us but we will find out! We hired canoes and set off with Patrick in a single canoe and Stephen and I in a double canoe. Then about 40 minutes later we came to the end of the river and its incredible blue hole. See the pictures below.
Getting there.
See the rope swing? We did not try it.
The colour of the water is a cool blue, cool temperature and clean (not salty).