Day 8 on passage

Stephen Bassett
Sun 25 Mar 2012 16:53
We are one-third of the way now (done 1000 miles). Today is a mixture of clouds and sun with occasional rain. If there is enough we will top up the water tanks with the run-off from the sail-bag. If that happens then we do not have to run the water-maker. It is nice to get a gift from time to time.
Also have the fishing rod out. The last time Stephen caught a tuna was when Patrick was on board and I arrived to find the freezer full of fish. Stephen optimistically asked how much space is in the freezer!! Lets see what happens.
Yesterday was bread day, and I made four mini-loaves from pizza flour. Had some bread for breakfast and it is OK and will certainly do well in the bread bin for the next few days. Also made some brownies so have sweet treats for the watches.
We are still suffering from this cold we have. Neither of us can stop sneezing and we need lots of sleep. Otherwise all is going well.
Till tomorrow.