Sunday passage report

Stephen Bassett
Sun 16 Mar 2014 12:04
Well, back to rain again. At least it is light this time but makes the wind skittish. Had an easy dinner last night as so hot and muggy. Scrambled eggs and fried potatoes and a nice cup of tea. Horror – have to ration Stephen’s tea if he goes over 10 cups a day as only have 200 tea bags left of bog standard tea!!
I can drink coffee but he needs tea and would take it intravenously if he could on a permanent drip. Couldn’t find decent teas in Brazil. Oh well, will have to drink water when the tea bags run out.
Miles travelled so far –  435 Nms
Miles since 08.30 yesterday - 152
Miles to go – 1065 Nms
Wind – 10-15 Kts, E
Speed – 6.0Kts
Bearing – 300
Bar – 1008.0, rising
Swell – 1.3 – 1.8 M
Air Temp – 32c and rising
Sea Temp – 29.4c