Passage Report

Stephen Bassett
Thu 29 Mar 2012 18:51
All is fine on Karacool - except the wind. It moved in front of us and so we motored all night!! The doldrum did not lift until mid morning so now we are sailing again, albeit slowly. We are moving at about 4 knots and the sea is not quite as flat as a mirror!
The radio net today was very difficult. We could hear Oyster Moon but she could not hear anyone else today except Cordelia, the American yacht we met in Galapagos. It is so frustrating when the radio does not work and it is all down to weather up top somewhere. Stephen moved the aerial closer to the tuner yesterday but so far that has not helped.
we are having another sleeping day - it get too hot for anything else.
Sorry that we moan about the weather. Will try and be more cheerful tomorrow.
BW's from Karacool