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Date: 28 Nov 2010 17:27:40
Title: Progress "18:48.00N 25:25.21W"

Becalmed yesterday for 9 hours bobbing about with the sails furled; then it was decided, to my complete disgust, to put the engine on. We motored for six hours before the wind returned.We are now moving along faster, beating upwind into a F6/7. This is not at all what should be happening! There is no sign of the Trade Winds - instead just a series of highs running east under a series of dominating lows to our north. It is more like sailing in the Irish Sea than the Tropics (but much hotter). We are well heeled over & bumping about with several days more to come before, it seems, we may get becalmed again. Too rough to cook safely, so pizza for tea. And still no sign of the normal weather pattern getting established.
Progress to date 879nm; very disappointing after a week at sea. Day's run yesterday (midnight to midnight) 78nm (including motoring).

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