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Date: 19 Jun 2011 02:56:46
Title: Normal service resumed

Somewhat to our surprise there have been complaints about the dearth of recent posts to our Blog; spookily, more than one has asked whether we have both been arrested. To set all your minds at rest we are fine, just busy. I have been fixing the boat (of which more later) and the weather has been very reminiscent of last summer in Scotland which has cramped our style somewhat. But just to prove that our world is in its rightful place here is a nice picture of a baby terrapin basking in the sun that I took today. Unfortunately it was some distance away directly below the bridge upon which I was standing so I can't be sure of the species (there are at least 49 separate species of terrapin/turtle and two tortoises recognised in the USA), but it is probably an Eastern Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta picta. Those familiar with wetlands will be able to judge its small size by the duckweed floating on the water. Hopefully so better shots will follow. 

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