Work in Rodney Bay

Fri 3 Feb 2017 12:20
Éowyn is presently secured in Rodney Bay Marina in position  14:04.462 N 60:56.975 W
Sorry, no photos yet as internet is still very flaky
On Sunday, Customs arrived about 1000, only an hour late, pretty good for Grenada, so we cleared out and after a late breakfast at the Tikki Bar, headed north to Dragon Bay. we secured to the last mooring and with an 0430 start headed to Bequia.
Generally the wind was as forecast, 15-20 knots just South of East but unfortunately there was a 3 hour period of squally with odd winds and much rain. Nevertheless, we arrived in Bequia about 1730 and anchored off Tony Gibbons beach ready for a quick getaway the next morning. Perfect winds gave us a fast and enjoyable passage to Rodney Bay where we arrived in time to secure a marina berth. Eowyn performed impeccably, averaging about 7 knots.
This will be our only opportunity to secure alongside which makes our work so much easier. Today, Friday, we will provision with a view to heading to Martinique tomorrow and then onwards to Isles de Saintes where we will spend a few days.
Tonight there is an OCC meet up to celebrate Hilda Julian's birthday