Commissioning in Grenada

Sun 29 Jan 2017 13:41
Éowyn is presently anchored in Prickly Bay Grenada in position  11:59.994 N 61:45.607 W
We arrived in Grenada on the 19th January and when we visited Eowyn the next day, we were generally pleasantly surprised at the good general condition we found. One exception was the layup cover which had reached the end of its useful life. however it was instantly removed from the skip where we left it, so its now doing someone a failure
We had arranged for our standing rigging to be renewed on the 23rd January. Turbulence had wanted to do the work in September, but I wanted to be there when the work was done, also to bring some  spare parts. The ba*****s did the job in September anyway, without the spare parts. Unlike in the UK or Europe , nothing is done at the customers convenience. As I say total ba*****s
We had several days of very hard work, especially to the teak decks. However by Monday, I had started to check the various systems and discovered to my horror that the engine starter switch was completely kaput! I tracked one down on a shelf in Martinique but getting it to Grenada involves Fedex, Customs Brokers, taxis and lots of other very expensive and slow procedures probably foretelling post Brexit UK. The part arrived on Friday afternoon and in the meantime the yard staff had done an excellent, if expensive, job preparing the hull and antifouling. for those who don't realize, we still use TBT here in the Caribbean
We launched about 1600 and tied up to the new dock at Grenada Marine. a good days work on Saturday saw the fuel filters changed and main and genoa bent on. We motored to Prickly Bay where our favourite anchor spot near the Calabash was waiting for us. We shot off to the IGA to provision eowyn having already shipped a good supply of beer.
I am writing this on Sunday morning the 29th January waiting to get an up to date weather forecast to head North. If customs bother to turn up, we will clear out today and head the 9 miles to Dragon Bay for a 0500 start to Bequia and then St Lucia. Update 0930 - Customs have not arrived!!!!!