Surely not Relaxing!

Thu 5 Feb 2015 21:59

Éowyn is moored in Deshais at the North of Guadeloupe
On Thursday, we finally arrived in Martinique to replace our domestic batteries. These are only available in the French Islands. There are 4 x 140 amp hour batteries so you can imagine the effort to removing the old ones by dinghy and transferring the new ones and installing them. It took most of a day but we decided to dock at the marina for mains power so the new batteries could be thoroughly tested.
Chris had caught the chicungunya virus here last year so understandably she was not too keen to spend too much time ashore.
However we could stock up with lots of French food goodies not available elsewhere. Also no with Skype, I could have long chats with my Mum who had been in hospital for a few days. Next year we will plan our cruising differently so she does not spend so much time on her own.
From Martinique, we had a great south East wind to the Saintes, one of our favourite places to the South of Guadeloupe. We could not get a mooring the first night so spent a rolly night at Anse Fideling, but the next day we motored to Borg de Saintes to get a great location. There we linked up with OCC members Simon and Hilda Julian aboard Brisa and American OCC'ers Elaine and Dutch aboard Dawn. The 3 days there were a great relaxation and a fantastic contrast to the previous weeks with or trials and tribulations!
There were a couple of great lunches and a party onboard Eowyn to celebrate Hilda's birthday.
This morning at dawn we made the sail to Deshais from where we  will sail to Antigua tomorrow