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Date: 02 Feb 2011 16:40:21
Title: St Helena to Salvador - Day 12 - Still Light Winds

Éowyn is underway to Salvador, Brazil in position 13:44.551S 031:40.1784W We  have just 400 miles to run of the total 3,500 from South Africa.

Sorry about the typos in the last blog!


Everything continues as before, motoring at night, asymmetric spinnaker in the day in winds of only 10 knots. Today we tried a new sheeting position for the kite which gives much better stability in the light winds.

The weather has shown a marked change. Temperatures are now just like the Caribbean so our warm clothing is consigned to the locker.


Tonight I cook a paella, hopefully it will be edible.


Tzigane is still within sight most of the day but they motor ahead at night. Jeannius, motorsailing most of the time is almost within VHF range. The bulk of the fleet including us are hoping to arrive during daylight on Saturday.


Mike is flying home on the 7th and will be a way about 10 days. Bob & I have already arranged 1 land tour and plan a couple more.



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