Goodbye New Zealand!/photos (MAY)

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 9 Jun 2015 22:59
Its that time of year again, waiting for a weather window to make the 1000nm or so passage to the islands, in our case Vanuatu. Fine tuning the provisioning and laundry becomes a preoccupation for me, whilst Bob can’t tear himself away from ‘weather watch’. The slice of ocean we are about to negotiate can throw up any combination of nasties over an 8 day passage, so it pays to try and wait for the least offensive combination to set off into. This is all subject to finalising boat projects and not discovering any horrors just before a ‘window’.

Tearing ourselves away from NZ, knowing we will probably not be back,(at least for several years,) just increases the frustration. (I secretly hope, now and again, that a window might just not appear this side of Christmas. . .. .. .) But finally, 17 days after our "1st ready" to go date, we stand in line at the customs office ready to check out.

Its a daunting, but exciting time, 8 days of sleepless nights at sea, navigating to a completely new destination!

Fortunately Bob managed to organise some wild life as distraction for the 1st few days;



Hello Vanuatu!