Iles des Saintes

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 23 Jan 2011 23:51
We are still here! Its a relief not be awake worrying all night after the incident at Pigeon Island when a very clever person set off their fog horn to to alert a boat which had dragged anchor and was drifting off unbeknown to its occupants . . .a very effective procedure and one to remember, I now know where our fog horn is!
The water here is stunningly clear and we had a superb dive today . We swam with a beautiful briquette? turtle who was very friendly and engaging! The coral is vibrant and colours vivid, a truly magical experience which made up for yesterday. . . .We had dinghyed to Pain de Sucre and tied up on a jetty and snorkeled in crystal clear water ,We swam to the beach just as a fff french man decided to untie his dinghy Fantastika and ours !!!!! Thank goodness Bob noticed and thankfully it got caught on some rocks on the way to the open sea so we were able to swim (very fast) and catch it, a bit like watching your one and only car disappear down a very long steep hill when there's no other way home! (The frenchman on FANTASTIKA didn't bat an eye lid let alone offer to help!
Well I finally got my way . . .a hammock was errected very skillfully by Bob , between our head sail and mast, with the help of the spinnaker haliyard. .ingenious and so much fun . .another space to enjoy on our little boat . . .

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