Boat Stuff

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 6 Jan 2012 01:51
Happy New Year!
Nearly 6 weeks have passed since leaving St Mary's and we have visited many wonderful places on our journey along Florida's eastern shores (see photos) before leaving  Mawari in Fort Lauderdale Marine Centre to go back to Blighty for Christmas.
We planned this stop to do final BWJ's before leaving America, and were very glad we did as we had a few unexpected issues to deal with! We had Mawari hauled to do routine maintenance only to discover that half of our bow thruster was missing!  Morris Yachts had failed to put it back properly, they had also done  substandard anti fouling , having already messed up a very expensive varnishing job, it would be very hard to recommend them. . . at all. . .for anything .   Then we heard that our 2 yr old Jon Bouy, (man overboard system) supplied by Ocean Safety Equipment, which had been sent for its annual service, had been condemned because the tubes that keep it afloat were leaking. This is a very serious concern which Ocean Safety Equipment (don't be fooled by the name) seem unwilling to address. It sends a chill up my spine to think that we might have depended on it to help save the life of one of us. . . . . . .How many other boats have jon buoys which are defective?
On a brighter note, there are some good companies out there! Selden promptly supplied and fitted a recalled mast fitting between Christmas and New Year and Kemp Sails provided us with a new improved replacement furler system for our Jib and we have a lovely new spray hood ,made by American Canvas .The dinghy is no longer leaking, thanks to Boatworks, the computer is fixed and the cupboards are full, so I think its time to get going again!!!