Diamond Cay

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 12 Apr 2011 01:41
Just a dinghy ride round the corner from the mooring is a perfect , isolated skinny dipping beach, we now have a new specification for our top 10.
Our batteries and morale recharged on Monday morning, we head off to Sopers Hole Marina . Everything is going so well. . . . . we fill up with diesel, water and food, take the gas bottles for refilling and find the laundry, bottles and washing will both be ready for collection tomorrow morning. Before heading to Norman Island for the night, we dinghy over to customs and immigration to extend our check out date. I wait in the dinghy as Bob returns looking a bit upset. . . Apparently we are illegal immigrants, we can't extend the checkout date (yesterday) which we chose when we checked in, we must leave immediately!
Go to another country !
Fortunately for us the nearest other country is only 6 miles away by boat, The U.S. Virgin Islands, even more fortunately for us, we have valid American Visas to enter said islands. . . .
But panic sets in. ., again , what about the gas bottles?.. . . and the laundry? . . . .
Heads between tails, we leave the British Virgin Islands . . criminals. Will the Americans let us set foot on their soil? or will staying 1 night longer than we said we originally would in the BRITISH Virgin Islands, cast us off on a non stop circumnavigation, forever? I might miss the royal wedding. . . .

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