Newport to ?

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 21 Sep 2011 02:11
41:34.396 N 71:26.35 W
Newport is full of beautiful old 'New England' houses, and mansions built as summer residences by the very wealthy; we spend Tuesday morning roaming around the streets, visiting the nautical book shop and the art museum, before setting off to Block Island ,20 nms away.
The weather forecast didn't sound too intimidating, but as we head up the channel, the wind and tide set bang on the nose,and the passage to Block Island becomes less appealing. . .After an hour we do a 180 degree turn and have much more fun sailing back down wind past Newport, to Wickford, a delightful town which provides 5 free moorings in its very sheltered bay.
The night before I had sent an email Alexes, one of the rally 1500 boats that we had last seen in Tortola. . . .Once on a mooring we put everything away ,put the kettle on and check the emails. . .only to discover that Alexes is at East Greenwich, about 5 miles up river from us!

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