Moving On

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 25 Oct 2011 00:53
Despite Bobs Restricted Ability to Manoeuvre (vertical balls red white red)It is time to move on from the cosy and convenient Crab Creek. We motor out of the creek on a bright and sunny morning with the music of The Blind Boys of Alabama filling the cockpit " Do you feel good?. . . Yeah" diddle um diddle um. . . .
This feeling lasts all the way to Oxford (see photos) and even as far as Solomon's Island before things change. On the bright side, our hydro vane looks so much better in its central position and it works! for the first time in 18 months. We don't get the opportunity to try the new stay sail, motor sailing yet again, it takes 1nm to make a cup of tea, 2nms to make lunch.. ...But a night in Solomon's at anchor is far more exciting, especially in 30kt+ winds. Just as darkness fell the wind took off and so did we. WE did have a plan , if the conditions got really bad we would pick up a mooring ball. A much better plan would go like this; pick up a mooring ball incase the conditions get bad, as forecast! it was upsetting to drag on our new anchor but every boat in the anchorage also dragged , apart from one. we were very keen to see this boats anchor the next morning. it was enormous, it looked like snow plough(it was actually the base of a mooring!)
Snow and 45kt gusts are forecast for Saturday, whooppie. . .

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