On the way back to the boat. ..

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 10 Apr 2014 09:43

Waihi Beach, worlds apart from Waihi but equally impressive

Several weeks ago we bought a substantially discounted voucher from "Grabone" to visit the Kauri Museum, which we happened to be passing on the way back to the boat, but where did you put that Voucher Bob?

It turned out be a very expensive voucher, but it was worth every penny. The museum has an outstanding collection of all things relating to the demise of the magnificent Kauri Tree, depressing but also very interesting. The photographic collection was exceptional.

Kauri gum used for everything from jewellery to linoleum, including the finest varnish ever made, apparently .

I found this exhibit especially amazing , a bug captured for eternity in Kauri Gum. 

A slice of Kauri


That was very good too. . . .