Bequia and beyond

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 21 Feb 2011 00:10
12:37.725 N 61:21.522 W
We end up spending 6 nights in Bequia! Our dive wasn't brilliant adrift dive with ten people, we ended up doing 2 dive sites as the current was so strong, not one of our better ones. . .
we have more success at Bequia canvas, a delightful German lady makes a great canopy for the fore peak, a sun screen for the windscreen and mends all our way wood stitching.
The hire car was another story. . . we picked it up on a one way street and as the steering wheel was on the left hand side assumed you drive on the right in Bequia. . .wrong! there were several other features of the 60 dollar hire car which you wouldn't put in the brochure but it did get us around the island surprisingly. . .
One of Bequias three roads took us to the turtle sanctuary which aims to protect and increase the hawksbill turtle population. The Whaling museum had seen better days so we soldiered on to Moonhole passing several ' private, construction out of bounds ' notices on the way.. . . Moonhole is a special hotel made of rock, with no electricity or glass or anything really, for a special type of person. . .
Thursday night is buffet and jump up night at Frangapinis our first night out for ages and a jolly good time was had by all! we bumped into Roger and Ilene, who we had bumped into twice before and they invited us for breakfast the next morning. . . another first for us. . .
We intend to set off to Tobago Cay's today, but after such a splendid breakfast of the best mango pancakes we have ever tasted, we only have time left to provision, fill up with water and scrub the propeller. . .

Tobago Cay's. . at last !
Sunday morning we head off, 20nms to the Cays, .The sun is shining and the wind is light, for the first sail since we arrived in the Caribbean, we fly the cruising chute and have a colourful 7kt romp most of the way.
The Tobago Cay's are known as the jewel in the Caribbean crown , a fabulous horseshoe reef within a national marine park surrounded by tiny islands. The water here is a very clear pale blue, gorgeous. We pick up a mooring buoy just on the edge of a sand bar in 3 meters of water, with nothing to block our view of the Atlantic ocean . . . apart from the odd turtle of course!

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