U.S. Virgin soil

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 15 Apr 2011 02:16
18:21.237N 64:46.352W
We head off to American Soil. I decide we should brush up a bit, and try not to look too much like criminals, before we go to customs and immigration, but it was hard to conceal the sweat rolling off our foreheads. . .

Francois, the lovely customs official , couldn't have been friendlier, we were told we couldn't bring any garbage or pets or firearms ashore, and he seemed really impressed when I told him we had even left our empty gas bottles and dirty laundry in another country . . . .
We skipped round to the National Parks Office for some info before heading to 'Trunk Bay', One of the worlds top 10 beaches, just round the corner. .for a cup of tea . . . .

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