Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 7 May 2014 09:07

Here we are again, Opau Marina , where we made landfall 18mths ago, now waiting  for a weather window to Fiji. Every part of Mawari is bulging with provisions, I've probably over done it , but we've had some supplies on board since we left UK nearly 4 years ago, definitely a good excuse to re stock. Our little portable freezer is full of meals for the passage, its the first time I've cooked everything in advance, lets hope its a good investment. . .All we will need to do is bake bread, mix up powdered milk and Fish.
Actually our departure may be effected by something far more threatening than the weather, The arrival of Bobs new Sandals. Bob has often passed comment on his ability to survive on a fraction of the foot wear of his wife, until now. . .  I'm just going to watch you hop Bob. 8 sandals are much more useful than one!
Sandals apart, it looks like Saturday 10th May for Departure, I look forward to entertaining you with photos of Fiji ! we should arrive in Minerva Reef on16th, the boat park in the middle of the ocean, which is about 400 nms from Fiji.